Windows PBX Servers for small businesses

If you are looking for a PBX system for you small business the very best is Telesy – Windows PBX Servers for small businesses. Windows PBX servers for small business are very simple and effective. You can depend on it when it comes to being a highly effective PBX system. It has top of the line functionality. They are also one of the finest of all PBX systems for the simple reason being it is Windows based. A software Windows PBX phone system for your business is ideal.
It is ideal because it is easy to install and easy to manage. Being easy to install and easy to manage is only two of its rewards. There are also others benefits. Therefore, it can be the very thing to replace any existing PBX in the small business server market.

Other benefits of Telesy, Windows PBX Servers for small businesses some include:

• Leveraging low cost VOIP through your entire small businesses
• Completely eliminating the need for separate phone wiring
• Utilizes Voicemail, Auto Attendant, and Call Queues that are all Integrated Successfully
• The presence of Unified Messaging – Voice mail messages and Faxes are forwarded on to your mailbox. It works very well with SMTP mail servers too.
• Easy call and any extensions management can be done from a desktop.
o Incoming and queue calls can be managed with just a mouse click.
o Viewing and managing all calls can be done with just a single click of the mouse.
• Delivers full mobility – meaning that you can be working at home with a remote extension or being able to intelligently forward all calls to mobile

What is the very best PBX server for any small business?

A private branch exchange is a tiny telephone switch that is purchased by a company or an organization. The main purpose and objective is to be able to, lessen the amount of overall telephone lines that they will have to lease directly from the phone company. When a small business has a working PBX server they do not have to lease a telephone line for every employee who has a telephone. Instead, all they need to do is lease as many telephone lines from a phone company or telecommunications provider for the maximum amount of people who will be making outside calls at one time. With A PBX system, every telephone is wired straight to the PBX server directly. Employees have to dial the outside access code, which is usually 9, in order for them to get access to an outside line.
The best Windows PBX Server for small business that is handled by Telesy. This is because this Windows PBX Server is designed directly with all small business types in mind. It is truly a perfect solution for those small businesses that are on a very tight budget and must watch all costs that are associated with doing business from the beginning.
What makes a Windows PBX Server the solution for small businesses?

A Telesy Windows PBX Server can completely replace a traditional form of PBX very easily. This is because it totally supports SIP software and hardware phones. It allows all calls to be made by using a VOIP or the regular PSTN. It is the one solution for providing call switching, call routing, call queuing. It also functions to receive voice mail via email, auto attendant, unified messaging, easy phone system management, and so much more.