VOIP Service Company can improve businesses

VOIP Service Company

This is very true that VOIP Service Company can really improve business of all sorts. Ever since VOIP technology came into existence in 1995, this mode of communication has proven to be great help for both small and big business houses. This technology has not only dealt with communication errors, but also has increased the efficiency of business houses in the best possible ways.


Business houses that made a conscious decision to Switch to IP PBX Servers have found to have drastically cut down on their communication bills. That is correct VOIP can help to lower down the cost of phone calls as they are hosted on an independent server. Not to mention that making use of technology has always been beneficial for all. In the same way using VOIP has proven it to be favorable. With satellite communication coming into the picture, VOIP has made it possible to access Wi Fi along with global roaming services available at affordable rates. In fact even if employees travel all round the world, VOIP takes care of the fact that companies pay only at local rates!

Advantages of VOIP

Yes using VOIP certainly comes with its own set of advantages for sure. With advanced functions and as an extremely user friendly satellite communication system it has increased the efficiency of many a business house. Here are some of its benefits that can be summed like this:

  • Communication can be managed in a budget
  • VOIP offers high quality calling resolution
  • Availability of softphones
  • Can be installed effortlessly
  • Wireless technology
  • Easy to manage and monitor
  • Simple maintenance facilities
  • Optimum customer service

The difference

In addition to all this it has to be mentioned that a Switch to IP PBX Servers means better scalability and higher mobility. This means employees are also free to move around and can manage their tasks without having to think too much about being on hold for hours in order to connect to main office. Moreover the advent of VOIP has only made things simpler over the olden and complex PBX switchboards. As a result of which a lot of time and energy used to be wasted and the entangled wires were a major concern. Nonetheless installing VOIP has changed all this and offices these days look much organized in a wire free environment.

To summarize it should be noted that VOIP Service Company has made calls, voicemail, emails, faxes and SIP Trunking smoother. Hence business houses that have installed this service have observed better a steep growth in productivity and managerial work. This has more or less revolutionized business and its peripherals by enhancing business communication in the long run.

Why Switch to IP PBX Servers?

As a VOIP Service Company, choosing between servers is always a tough call, it demands great lot of assessment and evaluation before one actually makes a choice.

What is an IP PBX?

To define it in simple terms, IP PBX is a telephony system which offers the facility to make calls over IP data networks. Through this, these conversations are transferred as data packets across the entire network.

The technology imbibes some features to enable advanced communication along with the assurance of worry-free scalability and robustness. With this, a company can easily connect to traditional PSTN lines, thanks to the optional gateway.

In a nutshell, it is a system which helps in upgrading day-to-day business communication to the advanced voice and data network. Phone based Windows PBX Servers for small businesses are gaining extreme popularity and have been admired for their outstanding business assistance.

VOIP Service CompanyHow it functions?

IP Windows PBX Servers for small businesses are basically a network of servers which comprise of one or more SIP phones, combined with IP PBX server. All this is set in synchronization with a VoIP Gateway that gets connected to existing PSTN lines. The PBX server contains a directory which is pre-fed with all phones/users.

Listed below are certain useful tips that will help any VOIP Service Company to go for Windows PBX Servers.

Easy to Install

This system is much easier to install as well as configure as compared to proprietary phone system. It runs as software on a computer and helps in leveraging advanced processing power of computer. For anybody who is decently proficient in networking and computers, can install and maintain an IP PBX.

Easy to Manage

It is relatively very easy to manage owing to web/GUI based configuration interface. It can be managed using a web-based configuration interface, which further helps in easily maintaining as well as fine tuning the phone system.

Cost savings for VoIP providers

A definite reason to consider a switch! PBX help is making easy use of long distance and international calls and monthly savings for this plan are recorded to be significant. It goes pretty well in a system wherein one can easily connect phone systems for differently located branches.

Eliminates Phone Wiring

IP PBX server telephone helps in connecting the hardware IP phones directly to the standard computer network port, which in return is also shared with the adjacent computer. This is easy to be installed directly on the PC. So, this way, one can say goodbye to phone wiring. This system gives enough flexibility to add or move the extensions without much fuss.

Eliminates Vendor Lock In

IP PBXs find their basis on the open SIP standard. It helps in easy mix and match of any SIP software or hardware phone with any PSTN Gateway, SIP-based IP PBX, or VOIP provider.

Improved Level of Customer Service & Productivity

IP PBX renders the most influential benefit which states an improved level of customer satisfaction. The entire system is computer-based, which helps in integrating the advanced phone functions with business applications.

Improved features at half the price!

Nothing can be as tempting as reaping double benefit y paying half the price. IP PBX is software-based, and makes it a lot easier for developers to improve feature sets.

As a VOIP company, investing in IP PBX server will make a lot of sense.

VOIP Solutions – The Need and Advantages for Small Businesses

VOIP Solutions

There are many small businesses which are keen to get new and advanced new phone systems installed in their business set-ups. Businesses which are just getting started or expanding, register special VOIP requirements. The market features all range of services teamed up with distinctive features and benefits, as suited to a particular VOIP Service Company.

Businesses which either look for replacement or need up gradation in operations, wish to switch to VoIP for reasons like:

• Relocating, or opening up new offices
• Sad experience with current call quality
• Wish to get more features such as an IVR
• Place their hands on a system which is user-friendly

Whatever the need be, entrepreneurs are seen heading on a hunt for the most befitting VOIP Service Company to smoothen the communication aspect, which is ever persistent in their operations carried out at varied scales. The commonly advised VOIP Solutions which run on a Windows VPS have becomes integral in the day to day working. However, there are certain considerations that small business must give before signing a service contract with any VOIP Service Company. Let’s take a note of these one by one:

Ease of Use: The prime expectation of any user should be simplicity of operation without compromising on the additional benefits that the system has to offer. May sound like an easy catch, but it is a rare offering! However, as a customer, go demanding and ask for a system which isn’t too complicated and is user-friendly, especially if you are planning to replace your existing VOIP system. Simply put, don’t fix your choice on a system which has too many features to make it complicated.

Tip: Look out for free trials and demos offered by the firm; it will offer you a real time experience of as to how the system will work eventually, once installed.

Extensions and Lines for a Wider Connectivity: When the business is in its expansion stage, demand for additional connections soars. In such scenarios, VOIP proves to be a boon. Some small business users sticking to analog phone system and pay for two or four lines to have simultaneous phone calls whereas, with a VoIP system, it is easy to add extensions and simply connect office’s internal computer network.

Look for Customized VOIP Features with Specific Requirements: If your business is such which has explicit requirements to specific hardware components or specific VOIP features, make a list, before reaching out to market and shortlisting your choices. This helps in focusing on only what is useful and business centric. State the specific phone system/calling requirements and identify a suitable VOIP Service Company meeting the needs of your small business. Requirements for wireless handsets to take calls outdoors or while taking a walk at long distance from the base station are recurrent these days.

Make sure that you convey your needs and business functioning openly to the prospective VOIP service provider to simplify the selection process. Hope the tips help!

Windows PBX Servers for small businesses

If you are looking for a PBX system for you small business the very best is Telesy – Windows PBX Servers for small businesses. Windows PBX servers for small business are very simple and effective. You can depend on it when it comes to being a highly effective PBX system. It has top of the line functionality. They are also one of the finest of all PBX systems for the simple reason being it is Windows based. A software Windows PBX phone system for your business is ideal.
It is ideal because it is easy to install and easy to manage. Being easy to install and easy to manage is only two of its rewards. There are also others benefits. Therefore, it can be the very thing to replace any existing PBX in the small business server market.

Other benefits of Telesy, Windows PBX Servers for small businesses some include:

• Leveraging low cost VOIP through your entire small businesses
• Completely eliminating the need for separate phone wiring
• Utilizes Voicemail, Auto Attendant, and Call Queues that are all Integrated Successfully
• The presence of Unified Messaging – Voice mail messages and Faxes are forwarded on to your mailbox. It works very well with SMTP mail servers too.
• Easy call and any extensions management can be done from a desktop.
o Incoming and queue calls can be managed with just a mouse click.
o Viewing and managing all calls can be done with just a single click of the mouse.
• Delivers full mobility – meaning that you can be working at home with a remote extension or being able to intelligently forward all calls to mobile

What is the very best PBX server for any small business?

A private branch exchange is a tiny telephone switch that is purchased by a company or an organization. The main purpose and objective is to be able to, lessen the amount of overall telephone lines that they will have to lease directly from the phone company. When a small business has a working PBX server they do not have to lease a telephone line for every employee who has a telephone. Instead, all they need to do is lease as many telephone lines from a phone company or telecommunications provider for the maximum amount of people who will be making outside calls at one time. With A PBX system, every telephone is wired straight to the PBX server directly. Employees have to dial the outside access code, which is usually 9, in order for them to get access to an outside line.
The best Windows PBX Server for small business that is handled by Telesy. This is because this Windows PBX Server is designed directly with all small business types in mind. It is truly a perfect solution for those small businesses that are on a very tight budget and must watch all costs that are associated with doing business from the beginning.
What makes a Windows PBX Server the solution for small businesses?

A Telesy Windows PBX Server can completely replace a traditional form of PBX very easily. This is because it totally supports SIP software and hardware phones. It allows all calls to be made by using a VOIP or the regular PSTN. It is the one solution for providing call switching, call routing, call queuing. It also functions to receive voice mail via email, auto attendant, unified messaging, easy phone system management, and so much more.

Linux PBX Solutions Which Operate on an SSD VPS

The right VPS is going to turn your PBX operation into something much greater than just the traditional one, but how are you supposed to know which PBX solutions are going to work the best with An SSD VPS? Firstly we’re going to enlighten you as to what an SSD VPS is, because many people actually aren’t sure what it all means. A VPS is essentially a virtual server for you to do whatever you’d like with, you don’t have to share your server space with anybody else (which is the case when you’re using a regular web hosting service), and this an result in slower loading times and more problems all around. The reason why you want to use an SSD VPS is because SSD’S (solid-state drives) are ten times better than your traditional storage drive. The reason this is so is simply because of the benefits an SSD provides, there are so many that the expensive price (that some would consider more than reasonable) shouldn’t have you staying away from them.
SSD’S don’t have any moving parts to them, so that means you aren’t going to be tossing and turning in your bed thinking of the worst situation possible. Moving parts means there’s a higher risk of the storage drive malfunctioning, and another addition is that an SSD gives off a very little amount of heat. No heat and no moving parts means one of the most stable storage drives you’ll ever come across, so why not use them when you’re looking into PBX solutions for a Cheap VPS? The most recommended PBX solution out there today would have to be Asterisk, seeing as PBX (private branch exchange) is a useful method pertaining to attached telephones it’s something plenty of workspaces use. You always need to be able to contact your co-workers, no matter how small the problem may be.

PBX was originally developed by Mark Spencer in 1999, so something that was developed that long ago still holds its merit today, which should be a clear indication as to how well-built this PBX is. Telephones deserve to be connected to each other in the workplace, it allows for seamless communications that won’t take a lot of time or effort on your part. Using Asterisk alongside an SSD VPS should speed up calling times and anything that has to do with the transfer of data, as well as be a lot more efficient in every aspect. A PBX can also make use of PSTN (public switched telephone network) and VOIP (voice-over-internet protocol), so it’s not like the software is going to limit you in any way.

You get tons of different features to work with when you use Asterisk, there’s conference calling and voice mail, as well as phone menus that are voice activated (and even automatic call distribution for companies that do a lot of cold calling). I highly recommend this PBX software, and I also recommend that you use it alongside an SSD VPS.

VOIP Solutions Which Run on a Windows VPS

So why do I think that VOIP solutions and a Windows VPS platform are the perfect fit for each other? Because simply put, it was a match made in heaven (well, I guess it was a match made in development if you want to get technical with it). A VPS is your very own privatized server, and you can do whatever you want with it. You can run an assortment of virtual machines and you can even develop and code on them if you were into that sort of thing, but our main focus is VOIP. The quality of your call and your communication efforts are going to vary when you’re not using a Windows VPS, but when you get into the industry for yourself and find the perfect one you’ll notice something right away; the quality of the call is actually much better. This is because the VPS is completely dedicated to the entire VOIP process, and without a VPS there can be interference and things of that nature. Trixbox is one of the most common VOIP solutions that is being used with a VPS, mainly because it’s all-inclusive and relatively easy to set-up.

Not only that, but it’s an open-source piece of software, which means those aspiring developers out there will be able to tweak it and perfect the coding for their personal preferences. Having a Windows VPS Hosting will enable anybody you need to make contact with to connect to the server themselves, so instead of relying on another internet hosting provider to connect the calls you can take it into your own hands. The one thing I really enjoy about VOIP’s in the efficiency and ease-of-access when it comes to contacting other people, I haven’t had a single call drop or start to produce static ever since I’ve implemented a Windows VPS.


Price is always an issue, even if you’re the wealthiest of business owners you still look at your budget and cringe every time (let’s be honest, the quickest way to become wealthy is to be as frugal as you possibly can). A great Windows VPS isn’t going to cost you a lot of money, and a VOIP solution that’s efficient and still affordable isn’t that hard to come across. Trixbox has a fee of around $20 per month, which is more than affordable if you’re somebody who has to use VOIP (most likely anyways, I’m not a friend of yours and I don’t know you personally so I can’t say for certain!). The price isn’t going to majestically drop just because your budget doesn’t call for it, but it should be affordable to most people, and even if the one you’re looking at isn’t affordable there’s plenty of other places to look.

Asterisk is another VOIP solution you can look into, I’ve had people report that they use it with a Windows VPS (and sometimes a Xen VPS) without little to no problems whatsoever. Some would say that it’s hard to integrate a VOIP on a VPS, but others (like myself) would have to disagree.