Linux PBX Solutions Which Operate on an SSD VPS

The right VPS is going to turn your PBX operation into something much greater than just the traditional one, but how are you supposed to know which PBX solutions are going to work the best with An SSD VPS? Firstly we’re going to enlighten you as to what an SSD VPS is, because many people actually aren’t sure what it all means. A VPS is essentially a virtual server for you to do whatever you’d like with, you don’t have to share your server space with anybody else (which is the case when you’re using a regular web hosting service), and this an result in slower loading times and more problems all around. The reason why you want to use an SSD VPS is because SSD’S (solid-state drives) are ten times better than your traditional storage drive. The reason this is so is simply because of the benefits an SSD provides, there are so many that the expensive price (that some would consider more than reasonable) shouldn’t have you staying away from them.
SSD’S don’t have any moving parts to them, so that means you aren’t going to be tossing and turning in your bed thinking of the worst situation possible. Moving parts means there’s a higher risk of the storage drive malfunctioning, and another addition is that an SSD gives off a very little amount of heat. No heat and no moving parts means one of the most stable storage drives you’ll ever come across, so why not use them when you’re looking into PBX solutions for a Cheap VPS? The most recommended PBX solution out there today would have to be Asterisk, seeing as PBX (private branch exchange) is a useful method pertaining to attached telephones it’s something plenty of workspaces use. You always need to be able to contact your co-workers, no matter how small the problem may be.

PBX was originally developed by Mark Spencer in 1999, so something that was developed that long ago still holds its merit today, which should be a clear indication as to how well-built this PBX is. Telephones deserve to be connected to each other in the workplace, it allows for seamless communications that won’t take a lot of time or effort on your part. Using Asterisk alongside an SSD VPS should speed up calling times and anything that has to do with the transfer of data, as well as be a lot more efficient in every aspect. A PBX can also make use of PSTN (public switched telephone network) and VOIP (voice-over-internet protocol), so it’s not like the software is going to limit you in any way.

You get tons of different features to work with when you use Asterisk, there’s conference calling and voice mail, as well as phone menus that are voice activated (and even automatic call distribution for companies that do a lot of cold calling). I highly recommend this PBX software, and I also recommend that you use it alongside an SSD VPS.

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