VOIP Solutions Which Run on a Windows VPS

So why do I think that VOIP solutions and a Windows VPS platform are the perfect fit for each other? Because simply put, it was a match made in heaven (well, I guess it was a match made in development if you want to get technical with it). A VPS is your very own privatized server, and you can do whatever you want with it. You can run an assortment of virtual machines and you can even develop and code on them if you were into that sort of thing, but our main focus is VOIP. The quality of your call and your communication efforts are going to vary when you’re not using a Windows VPS, but when you get into the industry for yourself and find the perfect one you’ll notice something right away; the quality of the call is actually much better. This is because the VPS is completely dedicated to the entire VOIP process, and without a VPS there can be interference and things of that nature. Trixbox is one of the most common VOIP solutions that is being used with a VPS, mainly because it’s all-inclusive and relatively easy to set-up.

Not only that, but it’s an open-source piece of software, which means those aspiring developers out there will be able to tweak it and perfect the coding for their personal preferences. Having a Windows VPS Hosting will enable anybody you need to make contact with to connect to the server themselves, so instead of relying on another internet hosting provider to connect the calls you can take it into your own hands. The one thing I really enjoy about VOIP’s in the efficiency and ease-of-access when it comes to contacting other people, I haven’t had a single call drop or start to produce static ever since I’ve implemented a Windows VPS.


Price is always an issue, even if you’re the wealthiest of business owners you still look at your budget and cringe every time (let’s be honest, the quickest way to become wealthy is to be as frugal as you possibly can). A great Windows VPS isn’t going to cost you a lot of money, and a VOIP solution that’s efficient and still affordable isn’t that hard to come across. Trixbox has a fee of around $20 per month, which is more than affordable if you’re somebody who has to use VOIP (most likely anyways, I’m not a friend of yours and I don’t know you personally so I can’t say for certain!). The price isn’t going to majestically drop just because your budget doesn’t call for it, but it should be affordable to most people, and even if the one you’re looking at isn’t affordable there’s plenty of other places to look.

Asterisk is another VOIP solution you can look into, I’ve had people report that they use it with a Windows VPS (and sometimes a Xen VPS) without little to no problems whatsoever. Some would say that it’s hard to integrate a VOIP on a VPS, but others (like myself) would have to disagree.

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