Why Switch to IP PBX Servers?

As a VOIP Service Company, choosing between servers is always a tough call, it demands great lot of assessment and evaluation before one actually makes a choice.

What is an IP PBX?

To define it in simple terms, IP PBX is a telephony system which offers the facility to make calls over IP data networks. Through this, these conversations are transferred as data packets across the entire network.

The technology imbibes some features to enable advanced communication along with the assurance of worry-free scalability and robustness. With this, a company can easily connect to traditional PSTN lines, thanks to the optional gateway.

In a nutshell, it is a system which helps in upgrading day-to-day business communication to the advanced voice and data network. Phone based Windows PBX Servers for small businesses are gaining extreme popularity and have been admired for their outstanding business assistance.

VOIP Service CompanyHow it functions?

IP Windows PBX Servers for small businesses are basically a network of servers which comprise of one or more SIP phones, combined with IP PBX server. All this is set in synchronization with a VoIP Gateway that gets connected to existing PSTN lines. The PBX server contains a directory which is pre-fed with all phones/users.

Listed below are certain useful tips that will help any VOIP Service Company to go for Windows PBX Servers.

Easy to Install

This system is much easier to install as well as configure as compared to proprietary phone system. It runs as software on a computer and helps in leveraging advanced processing power of computer. For anybody who is decently proficient in networking and computers, can install and maintain an IP PBX.

Easy to Manage

It is relatively very easy to manage owing to web/GUI based configuration interface. It can be managed using a web-based configuration interface, which further helps in easily maintaining as well as fine tuning the phone system.

Cost savings for VoIP providers

A definite reason to consider a switch! PBX help is making easy use of long distance and international calls and monthly savings for this plan are recorded to be significant. It goes pretty well in a system wherein one can easily connect phone systems for differently located branches.

Eliminates Phone Wiring

IP PBX server telephone helps in connecting the hardware IP phones directly to the standard computer network port, which in return is also shared with the adjacent computer. This is easy to be installed directly on the PC. So, this way, one can say goodbye to phone wiring. This system gives enough flexibility to add or move the extensions without much fuss.

Eliminates Vendor Lock In

IP PBXs find their basis on the open SIP standard. It helps in easy mix and match of any SIP software or hardware phone with any PSTN Gateway, SIP-based IP PBX, or VOIP provider.

Improved Level of Customer Service & Productivity

IP PBX renders the most influential benefit which states an improved level of customer satisfaction. The entire system is computer-based, which helps in integrating the advanced phone functions with business applications.

Improved features at half the price!

Nothing can be as tempting as reaping double benefit y paying half the price. IP PBX is software-based, and makes it a lot easier for developers to improve feature sets.

As a VOIP company, investing in IP PBX server will make a lot of sense.

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